Terms and Conditions

Classy Hotel Bylaws Booklet

  • Check-in and check-out times: Check-in to the hotel is after twelve (12:00) in the evening, and check-out is at twelve (12:00) in the evening of the next day; in the event the aforementioned time exceeds six o’clock in the evening, half a night is regarded and then a full night.
  • Payment: The payment shall be prepaid upon check-in to the hotel and before receiving the keys, if only one night is paid, the receptionist will contact you the next day before twelve in the evening to confirm the payment and extension process. If you want to transfer the restaurant bills to your room account, please leave a deposit in the reception section.
  • Welcome package: It contains; (4 water, 2 tea, 1 cappuccino, 1 Nescafe, 6 free sugar in each) during one day; in the event of an additional request on the same day, it will be added to your room account.
  • Minibar: The minibar will be recharged on a daily basis and added to your room’s account if you use it.
  • Hotel door sign hanger: Please specify your request to provide the appropriate service such as cleaning or washing, and if you place the template “Do Not Disturb” on the door we will not be able to provide any of the services mentioned above.
  • Electrical subscriber: a multi-transformer is available upon the request.
  • Extra bed and baby cot: It is available upon request for an additional fee.
  • Laundry: The hotel has a laundry facility and there are laundry bags in the cupboard; please, fill out the laundry form next to the bag and put the laundry notice on the door sign hanger. Our staff will pick up the laundry from your room and deliver it when the cleaning is complete.
  • Safety box: There is a safety box in every room and the hotel’s responsibility is limited to it only.
  • Health club: It is located on the first floor that includes the swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and the sports hall. Working hours is from ten in the morning until ten at night.
  • Morning breakfast: Starts from seven to ten in the morning exclusively in the Greek restaurant on the ground floor, and in the event that breakfast is requested to the room, additional ten thousand Iraqi dinars are charged for each
  • For further information, please call the reception desk on (0) number.
  • Please keep quiet in the room and do not disturb others.

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